To achieve great outcomes, leadership must evolve.

The American Hospital Association and the American Association for Physician Leadership have pooled their collective expertise to curate thought-provoking digital resources that spark collaboration and action on issues critical to leaders engaged in transforming health care within their organization and across the field. Whether it’s forming new alliances to guide an organization toward success or ensuring everyone prioritizes their own health and well-being, leaders will find inspiration in these resources rich in new ideas and innovative solutions. By inspiring change together, we can lead well, be well and care well.

Welcome to Leadership Evolve.

Areas of Focus

Dyad Leadership

How can “Collaborative-Decision Making” be leveraged to maximize success? What interpersonal qualities and behaviors among leaders allow their partnerships to click? What organizational factors determine the success or failure of that partnership?

Key Resources

Workforce Well-Being

How do you identify burnout in yourself and others? What is your responsibility as a leader to protect your team from burnout? How do you change the culture within your organization to prevent burnout and promote well-being?

Key Resources

Population Health

What is population health? How do you engage key stakeholders who will ultimately have an impact on the delivery of health services? How can you focus on wellness and prevention as healthcare moves from a volume-based to a value-based model?

Key Resources